New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina has achieved one of the largest margins of victory in District 2, Atlantic County history.

We’re still researching, as Polistina may have actually won by the greatest margin ever in District 2.

That’s saying a whole lot when you consider potentates like Frank S. “Hap” Farley, Joe McGahn, Steve Perskie, Bill Gormley, Jim Whelan and Chris Brown.

It appears that none of these giants of both political parties ever won by the margin that Polistina did last night.

None of the above mentioned political “Mount Rushmore” figures ever faced the millions of dollars that Polistina had to deal with this year.

New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina - Don P. Hurley photo
New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina - Don P. Hurley photo

With additional Vote by Mail ballots that will still have to be added, Polistina defeated outgoing New Jersey Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo by a margin of 24,929 to 17,801 a difference of 7128 votes. (NOTE: Vote by Mail ballots still need to be added).

Additionally, Polistina achieved this mandate by having to deal with upwards to $ 7 million dollars that directly benefited Mazzeo and his running mates Assemblyman John Armato and Atlantic County Commissioner Caren Fitzpatrick.

In the the New Jersey General Assembly races in District 2, Claire Swift was the top vote-getter with 25,061 votes.

It was Polistina who hand-picked Swift. Polistina got his way, but, there was some early Republican (inside baseball) criticism of Polistina for this pick.

Polistina was unfazed by the political sniping and he merely said to watch what a great candidate Claire Swift would be.

Swift was fantastic, winning a state legislative seat in her first-ever election.; joining the late, great Delores Cooper as the only women to win a District 2 state legislative  seat.

Former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian has captured the second Assembly seat with 24,731 votes.

Armato finished a distant 3rd (17,178) and Fitzpatrick 4th (16,349).

It must be memorialized that Mazzeo ran a filthy, dirty campaign against Polistina.

Polistina was accused of killing women and children with cancer. He was also the victim of “Dog Whistles,” accused of being a “Proud Boy” … in other words, they were calling Polistina a racist.

It got so bad, that Polistina and his wife Carolyn filmed a television commercial to respond to the vicious lies that were being told at market saturation levels.

Polistina was also slammed for “owning a mansion in Hollywood.” This was purposeful, to give voters the impression that Polistina was an out of touch, elitist snob with a mansion in Hollywood, California.

When in fact, Polistina is as grounded and humble as they come. Further, his supposed mansion in Hollywood is really a condominium in Hollywood, Florida.

Polistina was even hit hard for being a former member of two local golf clubs.

It is important to note that 1st District Senator Michael Testa, R-1 was the architect of a master plan that flipped all 3 legislative seats in 2019.

Testa, Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan were all comfortably re-elected to another term yesterday.

A word about the Stockton University Poll. It was once again very inaccurate. John Froonjian and The Stockton University Poll must seriously consider getting out of this business.

They’re just not good at it. it’s a very hard business. Harder then ever with few landlines and so many people who do not wish to participate in surveys.

In 2019, 11 days before Election Day, Stockton University dropped a stink bomb that Testa was trailing appointed Democrat Senator Bob Andrezjak by 14 points.

Testa defeated Andrezjak by 8 points.

This year’s Stockton University Poll showed Testa leading by 13 points. He won yesterday by 29 points.

The Stockton Poll was even worse with the 2021 Polistina versus Mazzeo race. They actually waited until 4 days of early voting had taken place, to announce their poll, showing Mazzeo with an 8-point lead.

It was Polistina who defeated Mazzeo by a wide margin.

I’ve been calling for polling reform for more than 30 years.

Look at Jack Ciatterelli versus New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. The Stockton University Poll gave Murphy an 11-point lead.

As of this writing, Ciatterelli leads the incumbent Governor by a whisker, 49.7 % to 49.6 %, with more votes and the Vote by Mail ballots to still be factored in.

Most of the other polls gave Murphy anywhere between a 6 to 12 point advantage over the final two weeks of the campaign.

At this point in time, Murphy versus Ciattarelli is even closer then Tom Kean versus Jim Florio. Kean won by only 1,900 votes.

The Trafalgar Group poll was the closest, showing Murphy with a 4.2 lead, one day before yesterday’s election.

Polistina was outspent by his opponent by a 5-1 margin. Perhaps this will serve notice to those who have been sending $3 to $ 7 million every two years to our region.

Maybe, just maybe, they’ll see it as a very bad return on investment.

Based on the $ 7 million dollars of headwinds that Polistina faced … He has achieved one of the greatest election victories in Atlantic County, District 2 history.

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