NOTE: Editorial opinion By Harry Hurley following more than 100 hundred local and national interviews over the past 9-plus weeks

Our current dilemma in New Jersey is a challenging one.

On one hand, the Coronavirus/COVID-19 is very real and potentially deadly. Although the mortality rate is very low, something around .4 percent, it’s still highly contagious and devastating to those who are susceptible to it.

On the other hand, New Jerseyians are being destroyed financially and from a psychological standpoint as we enter the 10th week of the pandemic.

It’s also been so frustrating as everyone has been told that “we must follow the science and listen to the scientists.”

Only problem, they’ve been wrong every step of the way.

First, there’s Dr. Anthony Fauci. Just before the pandemic struck, he confidently stated that America had nothing to worry about regarding the Coronavirus.

Then, They said that their statistical models showed that 1.2 million or more Americans were projected to die. Followed by a projection of 10 times less. Still terrible. But, not even close to what the experts projected.

Remember, we were initially told not to wear face masks. That it didn’t help and could actually be bad for you.

Followed by, you must wear a face mask.

We’ve hit a critical tipping point. Americans are born free. Being placed in near quarantine circumstances is extremely unhealthy.

Some say it’s worse than the disease itself.

Here are the following alarming trends which are way up since Americans have been ordered to be shut-in.


Domestic violence.

Suicidal thoughts.



Financial ruination.

This list is just for starters.

I have supported Governor Phil Murphy throughout. We have forged a great working relationship, based upon mutual respect. I know that he believes in what he’s doing. It’s truly a matter of the difference of philosophy of governance if you’re a liberal vs. conservative.

It’s no accident that “red” states are aggressively reopening, while “blue” states are moving slower. In fairness, some of this is not politically motivated at all; it’s due to density and geography.

On and off air, I have supported the concept of being compliant. We don’t want a single person to die.

Last week, even Dr. Fauci got in on the act. He said that it’s not good for the American people to be shut-in for such a long time.

Many businesses have been destroyed by the economic shut-down of our state.

Much of the rest of the nation is getting back to business and Governor Murphy is slowly reopening the state.

However, too slowly for many. Case in point, the Atlantic City casinos must reopen soon. If not, some will founder and thousands of jobs may he gone forever.

The same holds true for gyms, hair salons, restaurants and countless other businesses.

New Jersey is now poised to follow in the footsteps of what other states have done. Acts of civil disobedience are coming. You can expect many businesses to take it upon themselves and just reopen.

I’m not advocating this. I strongly believe in playing by the rules.

The fact remains, human beings will remain compliant for only a certain amount of time. Then, they will take matters into their own hands.

We should continue to listen to our Governor. But, we should not be guided by bad science.

The residents of New Jersey are about to hit the breaking point. Everyone needs to be very careful and responsible.

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