Harry Hurley Proposal Regarding Ballot Counting & Storage In Atlantic County

There is a significant need for the Atlantic County Board of Elections to have the proper space, phones, wi fi and other wiring in order to handle the massive increase in Vote by Mail ballots that will occur during the upcoming General Election.

The perfect location that checks all of these essential boxes is The Atlantic City Convention Center.

A respectful partnership and collaboration with the state of New Jersey and Governor Phil Murphy is the answer.

The Atlantic City Convention Center space is ideal in our present COVID-19 pandemic environment. It provides plenty of room to house and count the ballots, while affording spacious surroundings for proper social distancing for the staff.

I am forwarding my recommendation to Governor Murphy for his consideration and approval.

The space is ideal for a one-time only solution. There is no reason for the Taxpayers of Atlantic County to incur a $ 40,000 expenditure.

The Atlantic City Convention Center has had elaborate HVAC work done by The United States Army Corp of Engineers, when they expertly transformed it into a COVID-19 hospital setting, working in coordination with Governor Murphy.

The Atlantic City convention Center is a safe and secure environment for this vital
public purpose.

Locally, I will be reaching out to Atlantic County Freeholder John Risley to see if he is willing to run “point person” for this task.

The Atlantic City Convention Center should require little to no refitting and is ready to go right now.

Time is of the essence. It’s time to act.

I am hereby copying Governor Murphy to see if he approves of this suggestion.

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