In a recent report, we broke major news from sources close to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

It centered around how Atlantic County Democratic Party Chairman Michael Suleiman intends to award the regular Democrat line in the upcoming June, 2021 Primary Election in Atlantic City.

In Atlantic City and elsewhere, it is a decided and usually determinative advantage to be given the regular major political party ballot position.

Suleiman recently awarded the official Democrat line (last year) to Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

This was despite the fact that the Atlantic City Democratic Committee overwhelmingly voted against Small.

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee was furious with Suleiman for going against their decision.

In our previous report, we first broke the news that should Suleiman do it again this year, that a citizen’s committee will launch a a petition to change the form of government back to a non-partisan format.

Their logic is that if the County Chairman goes against their official recommendations, what’s the point of existing under a partisan format.

It should be noted that these are some of the very same people who successfully introduced a citizens ordinance, using the initiative and referendum process in the past.

The results of their efforts was that they successfully changed Atlantic City government from a non-partisan format to the current partisan format.

We can now break an important update as follows.

The citizens who will seek to change the form of government in Atlantic City do not intend to wait for Suleiman’s upcoming decision before taking action.

“Hurley in the Morning” has learned and confirmed that within approximately two weeks, a citizen’s petition will be drafted and the effort to change the form of government will begin.

Craig Callaway recently spoke on the “Hurley in the Morning” program and confirmed “that under no circumstances will the Atlantic City Democratic Committee support Small for Mayor.

Should they successfully go “Back to The Future” and succeed in changing back the government to a non-partisan format, this would be devastating news for the Atlantic County Democratic Party.

The disproportionate Democratic vote turnout from Atlantic City in general elections, has helped to propel many Democratic challenger‘s to victory in County-wide elections.

It is simply a fact that if local Atlantic City candidates are no longer on the general election ballot, the turn out will be smaller.

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