How did we get here?

Thousands of Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan. For some bizarre and still unexplained reason, President Joe Biden removed the United States military prior to making sure that all Americans, our loyal interpreters, and other working partners got out safe.

It’s inexplicable and it will go down as one of the worst foreign policy decisions ever made by an American President.

Biden and his press secretary, Jen Psaki, have to stop saying that no one is trapped and that, “all Americans who want to come home will be able to do so.”

Does this presuppose that there are Americans presently in Afghanistan who want to stay there under medieval Taliban rule?

The truth is, Americans are caught behind enemy Taliban lines.

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The Taliban have been aggressive. Americans have been beaten up, the Taliban going door-to-door. Executions of American interpreters and others are taking place daily. Innocent Afghans and Americans are rightly terrified at this time.

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Americans have been receiving conflicting instructions from the Biden administration.

They’ve been told to make their way to Kabul airport, yet at the same time, the American federal government told them that, “we can’t guarantee you safe passage.”

Say what? The world’s undisputed super-power, with the mightiest military in the history of the world, is letting the Taliban dictate the terms?

Next, the Biden administration told Americans to stay out and not go to the airport.

Biden’s team advised Americans to email the State Department if they have any questions or need assistance. Upon sending the email, it immediately returned upon being delivered, saying that the State Department mailbox was full.

Biden has bungled this so bad, that the Taliban now has control of hundreds of billions of dollars of American equipment and weaponry, including sophisticated airplanes, helicopters, state-of-the-art ground transportation, powerful weapons, and more.

How could Biden allow this to happen?

Biden also boxed himself into a deadline that he didn’t have to create in the first place. Biden arbitrarily set August 31, 2021, as a hard deadline to get all Americans, etc. out of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has set this date as a red line and have declared that it will not be extended. Yes, the Taliban is in control and they’ve warned of “potential consequences and a reaction.” Incredulously, Biden is recognizing the Taliban as a legitimate government. ISIS is also back and creating significant problems.

Our allies around the world are in disbelief and have openly condemned Biden’s actions. Biden didn’t talk with a single ally leader before setting his disastrous plan into motion.

This is an unmitigated disaster. It has cost an untold number of lives. Women have been assaulted. Schools are being burned down. All of the freedoms of the past 20 years have been taken away.

Joe Biden has a 50-year track record of being wrong in almost every major foreign policy decision along the way.

The ultimate outcome for Americans and allies in Afghanistan remains in serious doubt.

Remember former President Barack Obama’s famous quote, “Never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to f**K things up.”

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