There is mounting speculation that Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson is poised to announce that he will seek re-election to his current position.

The fascinating thing about this is that if Levinson follows through, he will be making his intentions publicly known a full two years in advance of his next election in 2023.

Levinson has been elected Atlantic County Executive a record 6 times.

Levinson is a Ventnor native and a graduate of Atlantic City High School. He obtained a BA. from Rowan University and he is a former career, retired history teacher. Levinson was a very popular history teacher because of the passion he showed from his first to last year in the District. The request list to be a student in his classroom could never be fulfilled … because of his popularity as a teacher. Levinson made learning fun and interesting.

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Before being elected Atlantic County Executive, Levinson was a councilman in the City of Northfield; followed by Atlantic County Freeholder-at-Large. Levinson was chosen by his peers to be the Freeholder Board Chairman multiple times.

A Levinson announcement could come anytime over the next two weeks.

This is a good potential strategy on Levinson’s part. It will discourage outside interference; as big money has been parked on the sidelines for years waiting for Levinson to retire.

The Camden County Potentates look at Levinson as nearly unbeatable.

When this seat becomes open one day, they will spend many millions to try and get it. Hundreds of millions of dollars in spending and borrowing capacity are on the line. They want it bad. They may have to wait longer.

A Levinson early announcement also serves as notice to the eager roster of Atlantic County talent; who fancy themselves as the next County Executive that The Champ is not ready to retire his “belt” just yet.

This is really smart (Levinson) and it could clear the field, or, at worst Levinson will face a token challenge.

Besides being the United States Congressman from District 2 (Jeff Van Drew) and the District 2, Atlantic County State Senator (Vince Polistina), Atlantic County Executive is the most important position in the County.

An early Levinson re-election announcement would also help the entire ticket.

When Levinson is on the ballot, it is always a “Republican Year”’ in Atlantic County as he runs smart, focused campaigns that also deliver results down-ballot.

New Atlantic County State Senator Vince Polistina, R-2 will be on the top of the ticket in 2023.

Polistina is fresh off of his substantial victory over outgoing New Jersey Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo.

Polistina is a proven vote-getter and a prodigious fundraiser.

I’m either right or wrong here. Let’s see how this goes. We’ll know soon enough.

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