The future is now.

And, it’s located right here at Sovereign Avenue and the Bay in Atlantic City.

It’s The STEAM lab, which stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

Earlier today, I had an amazing tour of the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City, Sovereign Avenue Campus. It was a behind the scenes look, before the lab actually opens.

He probably won’t like it, but, I’m going to single out one man, who has sought absolutely no credit whatsoever ... but, he deserves to be mentioned.

This is the vision of former New Jersey State Senator Bill Gormley.

I’ve been talking on-air and writing here about Gormley’s “Second Act.” This is it.

Gormley is also the unsung architect of the Stockton Atlantic City Campus. Gormley possessed the vision to see that the key was a horizontal and not a vertical approach for Stockton.

Gormley led the Casino industry through a 40-year Golden Age in Atlantic City.

However, with the proliferation of gaming all over the country, Gormley saw that putting all of Atlantic City‘s eggs in one basket was a recipe for economic disaster going forward.

There was simply an over reliance of just one industry. It did not lend for our peace and prosperity, or, long-term health for the region.

The solution that Gormley envisioned was diversification as the winning strategy for economic sustainability.

Like a world-class coach, Gormley brought some of the most powerful national people together (Lisa Jackson from Apple, Inc. for example) and coupled them with local superstars like Atlantic County Institute of technology Superintendent Dr. Phil Guenther, working effectively and collegially in concert with (Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City) Stephanie Koch, Chief Executive Officer and Renate Taylor, Chief Development Officer.

Two major working partners from the beginning of this project are are the irreplaceable Jon Hanson, DevCo and Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stockton University.

Hanson is one of the most philanthropic individuals in New Jersey state history. He’s another great man who loves to contribute without seeking credit.

The STEAM Lab that has been built at the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City is the first of its kind.

At first glance, it’s so apparent that the program has attracted attention from global employers, but, the winning formula properly places the focus on the rise of Atlantic City.

You feel the cool vibe. It’s like a mini Silicon Valley atmosphere. I felt it today.

It’s a textbook collaboration between the national partners, successfully engaging with their local partners. This will provide for a long-term success story.

Later this month, there will be a virtual ribbon cutting for The STEAM Lab.

I saw some of the work today that was created by some of the Club Kids, who have already started their STEAM instruction.

These are some of the first photos of The STEAM Lab ever published anywhere.

Harry Hurley Tours Boys & Girl’s Club of Atlantic City STEAM Lab

The STEAM Lab approach is so forward thinking. It’s going to be a two generation approach, whereby hands on learning and career preparedness will be taking place for both youth and adults in the technology industry.

I left my tour so excited and proud of what they’ve accomplished. Watch, as this puts Atlantic City on the national map in this arena.

Congratulations to all of the working partners who have come together in pursuit of Greatness.

NOTE: The Hurley in the Morning Charity also presented the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City with a $ 1,000 grant today ... to help them continue their important work.

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