In an effort to streamline things, McDonald's has announced it is dropping nine items off of its menu.

According to Bloomberg Business, if you are a fan of the Deluxe Quarter Pounder, bad news -- it's one of the items being dropped. Also on the chopping block are six chicken sandwiches and their chipotle barbeque and honey mustard snack wraps.

McDonald's, which has seen increased competition from Wendy's and Burger King recently, along with pressure to offer some healthier types of food, is dropping those items in an effort to speed-up service and to make ordering a lot easier. Meanwhile, McDonald's continues to test offering all-day breakfast in a handful of locations on the West Coast. And not to worry -- McDonald's is also testing a new custom ordering system that will allow you to, more or less, make what you can't get any more.

Those nine disappearing menu items will apparently be removed from the menu once the necessary ingredients disappear from a particular restaurant. In other words, if you like something that's going away, buy it soon.