There's nothing sadder than walking by a flyer in a grocery store or at the veterinarian of a dog that's gotten lost. Except maybe seeing one on the street.

Today is National Lost Dog Awareness Day. Maybe the next time you walk by a lost dog flyer somewhere, you'll take a closer look and help a pup find it's way home. Or, next time you see a dog walking somewhere without an owner in sight, you can stop to see if the dog has a collar. Sometimes even dogs without collars have a microchip that help trace their origin.

If you do find a lost pet in South Jersey, here's who to contact:

Of course, lost dogs who never find their owners end up needing a new Forever Family. All of the sites listed above have pets for adoption.

Dogs get excited really easily. Even when they're on a leash they can get away from you by simply running after a squirrel or chipmunk. Here are some tips to keep your pet from getting lost courtesy of Inspector Spot on YouTube.

Some other suggestions from include:

  • Microchip your pet
  • Make sure your dog has a collar and tags with its information
  • Teach your log to 'come & sit'
  • Secure your yard and inside of your home