The second season of the Fox TV series "Farmer Wants a Wife" has come to an end and the big news is that Sydney Errera and "her farmer" Mitchell are still together!

In the second to last episode of the series, filmed last fall, Mitchell chose Sydney as the girl he most wanted to pursue a relationship with.

YouTube Fox
YouTube Fox

Sydney and Mitchell spill the beans on the reunion episode

The final episode of the show - billed as the reunion episode - was done recently, bringing us up to speed with the four featured farmers and their choices.

There was some drama as promos for the show saw the host, Jennifer Nettles, asking Sydney and Mitchell if they were still together.

On the show though, both Sydney and Mitchell confirmed that they are still together.

"I think love is blooming", said Mitchell. "She's my girl!! There's never been a girl that's made me feel like she makes me feel."

"This is a good feeling to have", said Sydney. "I've never had this feeling."

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Here's a look back at the second to last episode of the show:

So, what's next? At the end of the finale, Jennifer Nettles asked the big question,"Do you think, Mitchell, that the farmer has found a wife?"

"I'd love to think so! I knew when I said 'Yes' to her, it was a long-term 'Yes.'"

Our good luck wishes to Sydney and Mitchell! Yay!

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