There has been mounting speculation that Brian Fitzherbert is poised to leave the Republican primary race for The United States House of Representatives in CD2. That could happen any day now.

However, there is a potential bigger development. Earlier in the campaign, we talked about the possibility of David Richter leaving the 2nd Congressional District race for the 3rd District race to challenge incumbent Democrat (Freshman) Congressman Andy Kim.

Richter smartly always left the possibility open, but, played it way down any time that it would come up.

With United States President Donald Trump's arrival to Wildwood, New Jersey, just a few days away, there is some very interesting political intrigue brewing hot and heavy. There is a late push for Richter to leave the District 2 race and take-on Congressman Kim. There's still time to make this work all the way around.

If a workable deal can be brokered, Richter could exit the Republican Primary against Congressman Jeff Van Drew, and, just might find his way onto the stage with The President and Van Drew at the fast-approaching Wildwood Rally.

What a political coup that would be. Of course, Richter would want an endorsement and the assurance that he would be fully supported by President Trump, The Republican Campaign Congressional Committee and various other relevant political apparatus.

I'm in favor of the deal and here's why. First, there's nothing "unholy" about it. Second, I think that Richter is a very viable candidate in District 3 versus a vulnerable first-term incumbent Democrat.

Finally, it removes a very aggressive opponent of the same political party away from Van Drew. It's good politics. It makes good sense. It could result in picking up 2 Congressional seats on November 3, 2020.

Richter could go from the political "Outhouse" to the "Penthouse." He should do everything within his power to make the deal. According to David Wildstein at, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is leading the effort. Christie is usually successful at everything that he does. Let's see how this goes. Like with all deals, they always get made as a final deadline approaches. That deadline is upon us.

There's a real sense of urgency to get this done. It makes total sense. It's good for everyone.

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