NOTE: I really don't want Kelsey Grammer to leave. I hold no ill will toward Kelsey Grammer (that you know of).

Frasier! Go home! Seattle misses you!

Actor Kelsey Grammer played Dr. Frasier Crane in two TV situation comedies. From 1984 - 1993, he appeared on the TV show Cheers, a sitcom based in and around a Boston bar.

From 1993 - 2004, Grammer appeared in Frasier, a show starring his character, a psychiatrist, who was now a radio host. That series was set in Seattle.

These days, Kelsey Grammer comes to Atlantic City a lot. Really. A lot! It seems like he's here almost every other weekend. He's not coming to act or even to gamble. He makes visits to drum up support for his beers! He's the founder/owner of Faith American Brewing Company, and I must say he's really getting out and making some noise! Especially in Atlantic City.

So, he played a role as a bar patron, but now he's showing up and playing a bartender!

My colleagues at Townsquare Media have written about Grammer's visits at least a dozen times. He does seem to be everywhere.

Maybe he should consider running for Mayor of Atlantic City. Perhaps he could start doing an actual radio show on one of our stations. We'd listen - and pay him not very much.

Kelsey, if you're going to be here so often, WE need you to pitch in and help. Or, maybe just develop a pilot and do a TV show here.

Welcome, Kelsey Grammer! Thanks for spreading some of your joy with the people of South Jersey. You might as well just move here. You're practically one of us now.

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