The Kim Kardashian “The Justice Project” has been  involved with a New Jersey woman, who was convicted of murder, because the convicted murderer is alleged to be a sex abuse victim.

This case is not new, but, it appears to be getting new life.

It dates back to 1999, when Dawn Jackson was convicted of fatally stabbing her step-grandfather Robert McBride at his home on Central New Jersey,

Dawn Jackson - New Jersey Department of Corrections photo.
Dawn Jackson - New Jersey Department of Corrections photo.

Jackson’s family has requested that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy grant clemency to Jackson.

My Central Jersey has led the coverage about this story.

Jackson’s relatives have also created a petition trying to get the attention of Governor Murphy.

There is no indication that Governor Murphy or his staff has responded to the petition or request for clemency.

Kardashian has demonstrated in the past that when she gets personally involved, she can help deliver results.

Former President Donald Trump granted a full pardon in 2018 to Alice Marie Johnson, who had been serving a life sentence for a first-time drug offense.

Johnson had served 20 years in prison, before her cause was taken up by celebrity Kim Kardashian.

Jackson maintains that there are extenuating circumstances, as she claims to be the victim of sexual abuse from McBride and other family members not named.

Jackson has served approximately 23 years of her 30-year sentence.

Jackson outlined that her abuse began at age 5 in a recent letter sent to

According to a petition, Jackson has 10 children and 19 grandchildren.

Kardashian’s "The Justice Project" is a television series on the Oxygen network.

Here is the link to read the complete story by My Central Jersey., Kim Kardashian “The Justice Project.”

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