There is a wonderful not-for-profit organization that is doing amazing work.

The “Last Salute” Military Funeral Honor Guard, located in Galloway Township, is run by Chuck and Jamie Lee Knutson.

“Last Salute” is not funded by the government or any other organization. They are funded by private donations.

Because their work is so profound, The “Hurley in the Morning” Charity has written a $500 Grant to help Chuck and Jamie Lee continue their important work.


Chuck has written some powerful words that are very sobering:

May the gates of heaven open wide and the protecting saint of warriors, the Archangel Michael, take hold of our fallen brother in and raise this guardian soul to paradise. May he wash away the sin and shield against evil, for this fall and defender of a nation and its people, has known sacrifice and service of others. Raise your sword and send to the safety of peace above us relieve this sort of burden and be blessed upon it. Favor the soul whilst we present on her. Enshroud this noble warrior from darkness and hasten to everlasting light. Ever be righteously vigilant, as we render, our “Last Salute.”
(Note: Copywrite Charles Knutson.)

These words are so beautiful and powerful. It gives you and idea of how important and truly profound their presence is at the funeral of a military servant.

“Last Salute” is a full-service military funeral honor guard serving Atlantic County, New Jersey and provides free military funeral ceremonies for active and veteran military personnel from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Last salute conducts over 100 ceremonies a year and is a fully registered 501 (C) 3 W – 30 veterans service organization.

“Last Salute” is a dedicated group, who are all volunteer military veterans, committed to providing their fallen brothers and sisters with a dignified and appropriate final funeral service.

“Last Salute” provides families and other loved ones with a one-stop resource to obtain a military funeral ceremony, and the opportunity to receive other ceremonial burial honors. Here are some of the honors:

Gun Salute

Flag Folding Ceremony

Caisson Service (Humvee and Gun Carriage)


Casket Guard

Cannon, (called “The Jamie Lee”), a Civil War era cannon.

Honor March

Memorial Bell Ringing Ceremony

Shell Casing Presentation

“Last Salute” primarily serves Atlantic County, New Jersey. They will consider providing services in other locations on a case-by-case review basis.


You can mail your donation to:

Last Salute
Chuck & Jamie Lee Knutson
256 Aschwind Court
Galloway Township, NJ 08205

Services are provided to recipients for free by the all volunteer staff at “Last Salute.”

Many of the services that they provide are very costly. Your contribution is literally what makes the difference and gives “Last Salute” the opportunity to complete their mission.

Their standard is to provide the highest quality, most professional and elaborate military funeral honors humanly possible. They profoundly believe that those who have served deserve no less.

Just the cost of fuel and maintenance on the military vehicles is substantial. Then consider additional costs which include but are not limited to: uniform procurement and cannon maintenance, fuses and powder. It costs about $45 each time they fire the cannon. They have rifle maintenance, they use World War II era M1 Garand rifles which require replacement parts and maintenance. They have travel expenses, they meet with families, funeral directors and handle other specific service arrangement duties and requirements.

The gun carriage Humvee and Cason and another ceremonial Humvee are their biggest expenses. Prior to each funeral, they clean and service the Humvees as well as do paint touch ups or other repairs as needed. The tactical black gun carriage Humvee is signed by 10 medal of honor recipients and a fully armored combat camouflage Cason Humvee is signed by six metal of honor recipients.

This organization is so unselfish, so decent, so good and pure that their mission takes my breath away.

Please join with me in spreading the positive word about this incredible organization, “Last Salute.”

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