Here is a perfect example that clearly illustrates that a significant majority of Americans do not follow things as closely as you might think.

More than 2/3 of the American people do not even know that there is a Special Counsel, John Durham, who has been at work since December 1, 2020 as a special counsel ... and, he was actually doing the same job without the official title since April, 2019.

Former Attorney General William Barr assigned Durham to investigate the Obama-Biden Administration long before officially naming him a Special Counsel ... when Durham was serving as a United States Attorney from Connecticut.

Durham has prosecuted high-ranking elected and appointed officials many times over the years.

There are several reasons why many Americans don’t know anything about John Durham.

First, there have been no leaks from the Durham investigation. In today’s environment, that is remarkable.

Compare that to the regular leaks that came from the Robert Mueller Special Counsel investigation ... that seemingly flowed on a daily basis.

It’s also now crystal clear that the United States justice department does not leak at thus time ... in order to protect Obama-Biden versus the way they regularly leaked information to the media to hurt Trump.

Additionally, it’s so obvious that the biased national media, which overwhelmingly favors Democrats, has failed to do its job and rarely provides any coverage about this Obama-Biden investigation.

A poll has been released regarding an inquiry into accusations that former president Donald Trump‘s 2016 presidential campaign conspired and colluded with Russia.

The Mueller Investigation completely vindicated President Trump of these false allegations, which had permeated for almost 4 years, before the final report was released to the public, demonstrating that President Trump, nor anyone in his campaign had colluded with Russia.

The findings are from a TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politucs (TIPP) poll released yesterday.

Of those where of the Durham investigation, 57% believe it is very likely the Obama Dash Biden administration was aware and try to influence it.

Before Obama-Biden left Office they launched a phony investigation called Operation “crossfire hurricane.”

The phony Obama-Biden investigation was disguised as a counterintelligence operation to investigate completely made up ties between the Trump campaign and Russian government operatives.

This phony And politically contrived investigation was then miss used as the predicate to a point Robert Mueller as a special counsel. Mueller found no evidence of a Trump conspiracy or collusion with Russia.

while the Dorham probe has been very quiet… Appropriately so, it has yielded one conviction… A department of justice attorney admitted to intentionally falsifying a document that was used to obtain a FISA surveillance warrant in operation crossfire hurricane.

The acronym FISA is short for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The TIPP poll also yielded that that of those aware of Dorham‘s investigation, 73% believe the current president Joe Biden, who attended a January, 2017 meeting with intelligence officials, President Barack Obama and other key administration officials about this matter – should be questioned by Durham.

This included 86% of conservatives, 56% of moderates and 62% of liberals.

The poll also found that 94% of conservatives believe the Obama – Biden White House either very or somewhat likely try to influence crossfire hurricane, 71% of moderates and 68% of liberals agree.

The breakdown of those Americans aware of the Durham investigation are as follows: 45% of conservatives, 26% of moderates and 30% of liberals know about the Durham investigation.

This anemic total Is likely not to change until the final Durham report is released.

SOURCE: TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy (TIPP) poll of 484 adults between March 31-April 3, 2021, along with Harry Hurley opinion editorial comments.

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