At approximately 1:00 PM, at Belhaven Middle School, the Linwood Police Department conducted an investigation in regards to information that we received. At the conclusion of the investigation we determined that there was no credible threat. At this time, school staff and our Police Department, coordinated to lift the shelter in place and notified Seaview and Mainland of the same.

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Two schools in Linwood, including Mainland Regional High School, are currently in shelter-in-place status as police conduct an investigation.

According to a post on Facebook from the Linwood Police Department around 12:15 Friday afternoon,

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Linwood Police Officers are on scene at the Belhaven School conducting an investigation. Currently, due to this investigation, all Linwood Schools and Mainland Regional High School are in a shelter in place status.

Officials are asking parents to not come to the schools as no one can enter or exit the buildings.

A shelter-in-place order typically means students are held in safe areas until an all-clear is given by authorities.

Ashley Surkin
Ashley Surkin

Details on exactly what police are investigating were not immediately known.

News of this investigation comes on a day when officials across New Jersey and the nation are on a heightened state of alert following a widely-circulated threat on TikTok of school violence. Numerous school districts in South Jersey have said there are no specific, credible threats to schools in the area.

This is a developing story that will be updated once more information becomes available.

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