As COVID-19 spreads more rapidly throughout the country, one main side effect many people are experiencing is their loss of taste and smell. Imagine 40% of your main sensory functions being completely gone!

Our senses are a way to connect with the world around us and relate to others. Over the past few months, people who have experienced this problem have shared their home remedies on social media. How well do they work?  For some, they worked well and for others, they didn't. Since these are natural remedies, they most likely can't hurt so they may be worth giving them a try.

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    The Charred Orange

    TikTok has been the outlet many people have chosen to show them testing out a home remedy. One that has gained popularity originates from the Jamaican culture. The idea is to burn an entire orange until it is completely charred, mix the flesh with some brown sugar, and enjoy! Some say this brought their taste back to 80% and others say it has made no progress at all. 

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    Essential Oils

    As people struggle with their loss of smell, another remedy that they are trying is essential oils. By taking daily sniffs or various scents, you are essentially “training your nose” to remember how they smell. Over time your nose should become more aware of the oils and pinpoint the specific scent. It seems like this tactic has helped many victims of this side effect,  becoming the light at the end of the tunnel,

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    Spices have become an easy option that has not only been effective but doesn’t break the bank. Considering most people have some random spices laying around in their cabinets this has become an easy and reliable alternative. Not only can this improve your sense of smell but it can also remind you of your favorite dish and bring you back to memories that you may have forgotten. Happy sniffing! 

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