Galloway Township Councilman Robert Maldonado has officially responded regarding the recall petition, which if it’s successful, will remove him from office.

Attached, is a copy of Maldonado’s response letter and other pertinent documents that he submitted to the Galloway Township Clerk.


I have learned and confirmed that The Committee to Recall Maldonado will officially launch its aggressive efforts this upcoming Tuesday, February 11, 2020.

The City Clerk will need until this date to handle the required public communications, etc.


We reported earlier here at that Maldonado switched his allegiance to the Democrat Party, which led to the appointment of:

New Mayor

New Deputy Mayor

Various new appointed professionals

If the Maldonado recall effort fails, the earliest Republicans could regain the majority would be 2 years from now.

Former Mayor Tony Coppolla, Tony DiPietro and Rich Clute (all Republicans) dominated the past General Election Cycle, winning by a greatest margin in Galloway Township history.

This is a developing story. We’ll update as warranted.

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