Margate Police are looking for suspects wanted for breaking and entering into two city homes and stealing two vehicles from the homes.

Early on Wed., Feb 23, Margate Police were called to a home after a man woke up and discovered his 2019 Range Rover had been stolen from his driveway while he was sleeping.

According to a Margate Police Facebook post, they responded to the home to investigate and while checking the home's surveillance video, they saw two men had forced their way into a first-floor window hours earlier.

One of the men crawled through the window and stole a purse that contained keys to the Range Rover. He was then seen pulling out of the driveway in the vehicle.

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By checking the vehicle tracking system, police located the Range Rover at a Parkway rest stop. New Jersey State Police responded to the rest stop but the men and the vehicle were gone.

State Police did find several possessions of the Range Rover's owner discarded at the rest stop, as well as items that belonged to a second Margate resident.

When police contacted that man, he told them he wasn't at his Margate home, but he had left a 2019 Dodge Durango parked in his driveway.

Margate Police went to the man's Margate address and found that his vehicle was also missing and there was evidence of a break into the home's garage, where the thieves had found a spare set of keys to the Durango.

As the investigation continued, police obtained surveillance video from the toll booth for the Margate bridge. The footage showed the stolen Land Rover, the Dodge Durango, and a third vehicle driving out of Margate at about 5:30 am.

According to police, the suspects' faces were all covered with some type of face coverings.

Police are hoping you may be able to give them additional information about these men and the stolen vehicles. If you can help, call Margate Police at 609-822-1151.

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