The classic board game Monopoly, based on all things Atlantic City, is being given a makeover. It's one some parents have a big problem with. Monopoly: Cheater's Edition.

Stealing another player's identity theft is not only allowed, it's encouraged. So is shortchanging, stealing, demolishing another player's hotels, etc.

There are even cheat cards. They'll instruct you to gouge someone for rent, take more money than you're supposed to when you pass GO, screw over other players. This game even comes with a pair of plastic handcuffs in case you get caught. Okay, at least there are some consequences here.

The problem I have with this is not the game, it's the recommended age. It is recommended for ages 8+. Really? Having an 8 year old play a game that challenges you to cheat? Look, I realize it's a game. But in all other things we are (or at least should be) teaching our children to never cheat. Throwing in a game that does the exact opposite in the middle of those lessons at 8 years old is, to me, a problem. If it's teenagers on up to adults, fine. But 8 year olds? What are they thinking?

Apparently I'm being too fussy about all this. According to Nicholas Ricketts, the curator of board games for the National Museum of Play, "Games reflect whatever is going on, whatever is current in the culture."

Okay, we have people like Lori Laughlin cheating her kid into college and Paul Manafort cheating his way through Washington, D.C. So lying and cheating is now trendy? Cheating and scumbaggery is the new black? Please! Ricketts also points out the mixed reviews. Some folks think the game is hysterical but a lot of parents of younger children think it's awful. Count me in that group.

What do you think of a cheating version of Monopoly? Take our poll below.

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