This past weekend, my wife Margie and I watched a great Netflix television series called “Inventing Anna.”

It’s a true crime drama, with some admitted embellishments.

We really enjoyed the series. We think that you will, too. The lead actress, Julia Garner is slso a major character in another Netflix hit series, “Ozark,” along with Jason Bateman and Laura Linney.

Garner is equally fabulous in both roles. She is almost unrecognizable in “Inventing Anna.” She’s that good.

The main character in “Inventing Anna” is “Anna Delvey,” a Russian-born woman who pretends to be a wealthy German heiress. Her real name is Anna Sorokin.

This is the real Anna Sorokin:

Anna Sorokin (aka "Anna Delvey") Bergen County Sheriff's Office
Anna Sorokin (aka "Anna Delvey")
Bergen County Sheriff's Office photo.

Yesterday, we learned about a real life New Jersey angle to the story.

Anna Sorokin spent time in the Bergen County, New Jersey jail, 130 miles away from Atlantic City.

The photo above is Sorokin’s  Bergen County Sheriff’s Department “mug shot.”

The “Inventing Anna series is 9 episodes. Once you begin, you’ll binge-watch it until the end, in just a weekend or less. We did.

Anna Sorokin, moved to the United States from Russia, with her family in 2007.

Without spoiling the plot, she performs well beyond her years throughout, while earning the confidence of many high-powered bankers and other well connected professionals … convincing almost everyone that she meets, that she is a rich heiress.

Sorokin spent two years in Rikers Island prison before being convicted of multiple counts in The New York State Supreme Court of:

  • Grand larceny.
  • Theft of services.

Sorokin was sentenced to 12 years in prison and was released in February, 2021.

Until recently, Sorokin had always maintained that she didn’t feel bad about her crimes.

Here, you can read a more recent interview, whereby Sorokin expresses regret for her crimes and the people that she hurt for the first time.

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