Over the weekend, we shared some very positive polling data regarding the state of New Jersey, as being a high performer when measured versus the other 49 states.

It’s called “The Great Resignation.” It’s also known as “The Big Quit.”

In this nationwide survey, New Jersey finished a very high 9th best out of the 50 states for people not quitting their job.

This is not that!

WalletHub.com has surveyed the entire country with regards to the best states to retire.

New Jersey came out as one of the worst states in America.

Also, we have a nationwide dilemma with 27% of all non-retired adults having no retirement savings whatsoever.

The WalletHub.com survey, analyzed data from all 50 states, using 47 key metrics.

Their analysis measured affordability, health-related factors, and overall quality of life.

The personal-finance website WalletHub today released its annual report on 2022’s Best States to Retire, as well as accompanying videos if you’d like to watch.

Here is how New Jersey fared … it’s not good.

Retiring in New Jersey Results  (1 = Best; 25 = Avg.):

  • 42nd – Adjusted Cost of Living
  • 33rd – Annual Cost of In-Home Services
  • 41st – WalletHub ‘Taxpayer’ Ranking
  • 38th – Elderly-Friendly Labor Market
  • 28th – % of Population Aged 65 & Older
  • 46th – Health-Care Facilities per Capita

You can see the full report, at:


Ever wonder what your dentist makes? Your kids' doctor or the guy who built the building you work in? We got the goods because I know you are nosey as I am.

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