A big moment of truth is fast approaching.

There is a profound collaboration going on between New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, the New Jersey Department of Education, Boards of Education, Administrators and parents.

Will teachers and students be back in the classroom? Will students continue with remote learning? Will there be a hybrid featuring both? Can fall sports and extra and co-curricular activities resume?

There are so many questions. Arriving at the proper decisions is ultimately very consequential.

Tomorrow, Friday, August 14, 2020, we will visit live on-air (Hurley in the Morning - WPG Talk Radio 95.5 FM) with John Devlin, the President of the Atlantic City Board of Education President (at 7:35 a.m.)

We will discuss all of these possibilities in a wide-ranging, important open public discussion.

Some students have done very well with remote learning. Many have not. An unknown of students have been “lost” for various reasons; socio-economic and otherwise.

Also, not nearly enough attention has been paid to the mental health of children, who have lost almost all social interaction with other children. There is a heavy price being paid.

I’m not a Doctor or psychologist. You don’t have to be to see that this is happening. Ask any parent or grandparent. They’ll tell you.

Another tragedy in waiting will be when schools re-open and experience the first positive COVID-19 test.

Of course, this will force the closure of the school in question and unleash a whole new set of circumstances. It’s happened in various states that have already returned to school.

This is an important public discussion. We need to have it. Let’s make it an intellectually honest one. No politics. No games. The stakes are too high.

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