COVID-19 vaccine and vaccination cards
COVID-19 vaccine and vaccination cards (OCSN)


A serious question to ponder.

How will you feel about having to produce either proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or, the results of a negative test in order to be able to do a variety of basic things in life?

Make no mistake about it. It’s coming and in many respects, it’s already here.

Case in point, following three magnificent and well attended Atlantic City performances, the musical group Phish will require future audiences to demonstrate that they are vaccinated or have a current negative COVID-19 test result.

Like most things in our equally divided nation, some people have no problem at all with this and in fact welcome it, as they believe that it provides a level of security that an event will be safe.

Conversely, others lose their collective minds over infringement of civil liberties.

Like it or not, life in America is changed (at least for the foreseeable future), if not forever.

Good and bad actors in government are wrestling more and more control of the American people’s daily lives.

Again, this infuriates some and others could care less and actually seem to welcome the tighter structure.

There are basically two “camps.” Those who want government out of their lives, wherever and whenever possible.

The other “tribal faction” welcomes the government’s efforts to regulate vaccination requirements any and everywhere.

It makes them feel safer.

Which do you want choose? Civil liberties or more government mandated structure in your daily life?

This much I do know, we cannot go back to lockdowns, social distancing and other draconian measures.

This tactic destroyed many lives over the past 1 1/2 years.

I strongly believe in the vaccination. It has given us our lives back. I also believe that we should do our part (within reason) to be both compliant and respectful of others.

There shouldn’t be any face mask shaming or demonizing the unvaccinated. We need to keep up with our changing times.

The Delta variant has certainly changed the mood in America, which in my view makes the vaccination even more important.

Will you mind having to produce proof of vaccination or a current negative COVID-19 test in order to participate in basic life functions?

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