You've probably experienced the frustration of forgetting that the New York Avenue bridge is closed and having to completely reroute yourself to make it to your destination.

That's been everyone in Mays Landing and Egg Harbor Township's life for almost an entire year now.

The New York Avenue Bridge was closed to traffic in February and has remained closed ever since. According to multiple sources, the township is shelling out over a million dollars towards the repairs. As of the start of December, repairs still were not completed but that may not be the case for much longer.

New pictures and video have surfaced that show just how much progress has been made on the bridge. It may have taken almost a year to complete, but by the looks of things, it's looking like the county is in the homestretch of the process.

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Maybe Mays Landing and Egg Harbor Township commuters will finally get the chance to cross the New York Avenue bridge by the start of 2022.

Check out the video below to judge for yourself:

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