If you develop a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to operate a motor vehicle, your New Jersey driver’s license will be suspended.

But once you no longer have that medical condition, it could cost you $100 to have your license reinstated.

Assemblyman Ryan Peters, R-Burlington, is sponsoring a bill that would prohibit the MVC from “charging a restoration fee for anyone who had a mental or physical condition that they overcame.”

He said making someone pay $100 for this kind of situation is nothing short of outrageous.

“This is a 100 percent money grab,” he said.

“This seems insane. You conquer this mental or physical challenge and you’re rewarded with a $100 bill from the state. It’s just a pure money grab.”

Peters said he became aware of this situation after getting a complaint from a constituent who was upset about being charged $100 after she tried to have her license restored following a license suspension for treatment of a medical condition.

Peters is planning to formally introduce the legislation next week and he expects bipartisan support.

“This is not one of those Democrat/Republican statement legislations. This is one of those really common sense (bills) where I think everybody looks at it and goes, 'Yep.'”

Jim Hooker, a spokesman for the MVC, said there seems to be some kind of confusion about the restoration fee and when it is charged.

He stated the only time you are assessed a $100 fee when having your driver’s license restored is if you do not comply with the MVC’s requirement to fill out and return specific forms.

Hooker explained those seeking a driver’s license restoration following a suspension for a medical reason have 45 days to fill out and return the necessary forms, and if that is not completed within the time frame there is a 30-day extension plus a grace period after that.

He said if someone files the required forms in a timely manner they are not charged to have their driver’s license restored following a suspension for medical reasons.

When asked about the legislation, he said the agency does not comment on pending bills.

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