FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP (Gloucester) — A man who admitted to police that he spread bags of dirty diapers around town over the course of a year for laughs is now facing charges after one of his "jokes" caused a serious crash.

William Friedman, 68, of Newfield, was arrested after police say they saw him drop a load of dirty diapers from a box truck in the area of Routes 47 and 40. After being taken into custody, police said Friedman admitted he had been dropping similar bags around town for many months. He said it started in the area of Fries Mill and Coles Mill roads.

Police say one of his diaper dumps caused a crash on June 24 when a motorcycle slid on a bag at the intersection of Fries Mill and Blackwood Avenue.

"We would like to congratulate Ofc. (Garrett) Moretti on a job well done," the department said in a Facebook post about the arrest. "It was a sh*#ty job, but someone had to do it!!!!!"

Friedman was charged with interference with transportation and other violations.

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