For the first time in recorded history, the sitting Atlantic County State Senator has absolutely no working relationship or contact with the Mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

In fairness to Senator Vince Polistina, NJ-R-2, it’s not of his doing. He has attempted multiple times to establish a working partnership with Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

In return, Small will not reciprocate. Small has not returned multiple phone calls from Polistina.

Polisitina has publicly shared in previous interviews, that he believes that the current situation is because Small believes that Polistina supported his Democratic Primary opponent Tom Foley in their contested primary election.

Polistina has many times stated that he did not support Foley or have any involvement in Small’s election whatsoever.

Polistina has forged a very positive, productive and collegial working partnership with Atlantic City Council.

This is critically important because the Atlantic City form of government is a strong council and weak mayor format.

We have confirmed that Polistina has written a 4-plus page, highly critical letter to Small, outlining many important issues and areas of concern. We have included the entire letter at the bottom of this article.

We obtained the letter from a well placed, confidential Atlantic County governmental source.

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Polistina begins the letter addressing how Small has made the current situation a personal one, rather than working together professionally.

Polistina then outlined a civics lesson for all, reminding him about the significant role that the Atlantic County plays in Atlantic City.

Polistina confronts Small in his letter, because of Small‘s continual efforts to imply that the Atlantic County a Senator should have no involvement in Atlantic City.

Polistina outlines his role on behalf of all 37,000 residents of Atlantic City, along with all of the business establishments and the state’s leading industry, the Atlantic City casino industry and its importance for the success of the region and the state.

There’s also a very poignant portion of the Polistina letter, where he discusses his families long time roots, which are deep within Atlantic City.

In the next section of Polistina‘s letter, he goes into the significant problems that exist at this time in Atlantic City … namely, street lights that are not working, the escalating violence and shootings, road conditions, drugs, theft and the homeless problem in Atlantic City.

Here is the Polistina letter to Small in its entirety.


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