ATLANTIC CITY — A 60-year-old Philadelphia man and his two teenage children were rescued from their capsizing boat by a State Trooper who quickly responded to their distress call.

State Police credited Trooper Russ Ryan, who was patrolling the Absecon Inlet on a police boat Wednesday, for jumping into action precious moments after hearing the radio distress signal.

The sinking boat was in the Atlantic Ocean, about 100 yards from the beach, police said.

When Ryan arrived, the boat was about to capsize on its starboard side. Ryan pulled the 13-year-old boy from the boat onto the police boat.

By the time he reached for the 15-year-old girl, she was out of reach. The trooper instructed her to jump into the water and swim to the police boat.

Their father fell into the water once the boat submerged and then he swam to the police boat.

None of the passengers were injured, police said.

“As soon as I saw your boat, I knew I was safe," the girl reportedly told the trooper.

State Police said all three victims "acted bravely."

Police did not say why the boat sank. The agency continues to investigate.

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