We reported previously about Absecon, New Jersey City Council switching from a Democratic majority to a Republican majority.

Now, we have learned that the mayor and all four members of the city council of East Hanover Township, New Jersey are switching from Democrat to Republican.

The New Jersey Globe’s David Wildstein was the first to report this development.

All 5 members (Mayor and City Council) have announced that they are making this switch “in the best interest of the community.”

Neighboring Hanover Mayor Ace Gallagher is said to have convinced the five East Hanover Democrats to switch to Republicans, according to Morris County GOP Chairwoman Laura Marie Ali.

From a population standpoint, East Hanover Township is about the size of Ventnor, New Jersey, with approximately 11,100 residents.

This may not sound like earth shattering news in a state of almost 9 million people, however, with Absecon City Council having a “political party switcher,” recently changing the balance of power to Republican … this appears to be the continuation of a trend in New Jersey politics.

East Hanover Township had long been a Democrat majority town. However, this has changed over recent years, with former President Donald Trump receiving 66 percent of the vote in the 2020 election.

Absecon had been a Democrat majority city for many years. Add to that, immediate neighbor Galloway Township has gone from 4-3 Democrat majority to a 7-0 Republican majority.

If you missed our previous coverage, here is a link regarding Absecon Councilman Steve Light’s switch from Democrat to Republican:

Read More: Absecon, NJ Democrat Switches Sides: Republicans Take Majority

United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew (a previous political party switcher himself) and Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Don Purdy were instrumental in Light’s December 30, 2022 switch.

At the state legislative level, Southern New Jersey Districts 1, 2 & 3 are now all represented by Republicans.

Until recently, all 3 districts had Democrat majorities.

The 5 former Democrats in East Hanover Township attributed their switch to the current nastiness in society today, social medial vitriol, etc. and Democrat national politics seeping down negatively to the local level.

We first learned about this switch from Allan Lewis Segal, who worked for Atlantic City’s WFPG 1450 from 1964 to 1989 … serving as Program Director and Operations Manager.

SOURCES: David Wildstein, New Jersey Globe, Allan Lewis Segal.

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