VENTNOR CITY — A South Jersey woman shot in the face at a party in Puerto Rico continues to recover from her injuries.

Michele Molina, the mother of Angelis Molina, 20, earlier told NBC Philadelphia that the city resident was injured during an apartment party on Jan. 31.

Angelis Molina stayed behind in Puerto Rico during a family vacation in hopes of pursing a modeling opportunity despite warnings from her mother.

Angelis has not been able to speak with investigators because a bullet went through her mouth and cheek, her mother told The Press of Atlantic City.

Michele Molina said one of her daughter's eyes was also removed in surgery.

Once Angelis Molina can be interviewed police hope to develop some stronger leads.

Angelis Molina (via GoFundMe)

Michele said police told her that a witness has changed his story while under questioning and is not considered a reliable witness.

A GoFundMe page continues to accept donations to assist with Angelis Molina's recovery.

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