Time really does fly by. It’s so hard to believe that it’s been exactly one full year since President Donald Trump came to Wildwood, New Jersey for an epic rally.

Along with WPG Talk Radio 95.5 Program Director Chris Coleman, we had the privilege to cover it from every angle ... before, during and after the rally.

We “owned” the local news coverage because of the unfettered, up close and personal access that we were given to memorialize this very special occasion in real time.

One year ago today, President Trump appeared to be cruising in what looked to be certain re-election for a second term.

Chris and I watched the entire rally from the front row, about 20 feet or less from President Trump’s podium.

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Photo Gallery of President Trump's Rally in Wildwood

For all any of us know, this could be the last such Presidential appearance in our region for the rest of our lifetime.

It was historic in so many ways.

United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-2 had just switched political parties, becoming the first sitting member of Congress in American history to switch from The majority to the minority party.

At the time, more tickets had been requested to attend this rally than any other in Trump history.

Chris and I wrote dozens of stories in the run-up to and coverage of the rally itself.

Because of our VIP close proximity to the President, we were also able to take so many memorable photographs.

At this time, no one gave thought to President Trump not being able to secure a second consecutive term in office.

This was one of the last mega events to take place before we were struck with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic; which changed everything in America ... politically, geo-politically, along with the departure from being able to lead a normal life in America.

A visit by an incumbent President of The United States is such a rare occurrence.

As a radio station, Chris and I are very proud of the work that we do.

Join with us in remembering this unprecedented appearance by the sitting American President. Here are links to the many stories we wrote and the many images that we shared.

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