Here we are at the brink of another state budget, another fight within the same political party, and another possible government shutdown. Conventional wisdom would have it that when the governor in power is a Democrat and the majority in the legislature is Democratic things would go swimmingly along.


Senate President Steve Sweeney actually had a better working relationship with Republican Gov. Chris Christie. The blood between Sweeney and Murphy got so bad that there was legislation introduced to force a sitting governor to sit down on a regular basis to talk things out with the legislature because Murphy and legislative leaders went months without meeting. Then got worse with Murphy's going after political power broker George Norcross.

So we're staring at another possible shutdown. We never achieved the "social justice" of legalized recreational marijuana he promised. His administration's hiring practices have been highly suspect. (Think Katie Brennan case.) The list goes on.

As all of New Jersey's school kids are receiving their final grades for the year this month, it's only fair that after a year and a half in office we take the pulse of our listeners and ask what letter grade you would give Murphy overall.

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