New Jersey State Senator Jon Bramnick is a proud “Never Trumper.”

Obviously, Bramnick couldn’t wait to comment about former President Donald Trump’s conviction in New York City.

While all good Republicans have defended Trump … here’s what Bramnick said:

I respect the decision of the jury in New York. We are the party of law and order. My experience as a trial lawyer is that jurors take their responsibilities seriously. No person is above the law.

The comments that followed Bramnick’s post on X (formerly Twitter) were just brutal and hyper negative towards Bramnick.

Here are a few:

You will never sniff the governor's seat in 25. We will make sure of it.

Jon- very disappointed.

And what will you say when it gets overturned?

Jon Scamnick.

Wait, is that a joke from one of your comedy routines? Or your inner RINO coming out?

This guy voted for Murphy's AG choice and then Murphy appointed his law partner to the Supreme Court of NJ.

Same script over and over.

Make no mistake about it … Donald Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party in America.

Bramnick wants to run for Governor of New Jersey as a Republican.

He already stood no chance. Now, he stands less than no chance.

Format Vice President Mike Pence, United States Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Alaska United States Senator Lisa Murkowski and a number of other Republicans … who have been less than supportive of President Trump … immediately denounced the blatantly political prosecution and conviction of President Trump.

Even Chris Christie has not yet criticized President Trump since yesterday’s trial verdict.

Christie is smart. Heaters to live to fight another political day.

Yet, Bramnick couldn’t help himself and he just had to pile on Trump.

Bramnick simply refuses to accept the reality that Trump is the face of the national Republican Party in America.

Bramnick’s  campaign was already going no where.

Now, he has cinched the deal. It’s all over for Jon Bramnick in terms of any serious consideration for Governor of New Jersey.

Jack Ciatterelli is already the presumptive Republican Nominee … Ciatterelli has earned it, and, he’s done it the right way.

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