US Marine Sgt. Johanny Rosario

US Marine Cpl. Hunter Lopez

US Marine LCpl. Kareen Nikoui

US Marine LCpl. Rylee McCollum

US Marine LCpl. Jared Schmitz

US Marine LCpl. David Lee Espinoza

US Navy Corpsman Maxton Soviak

US Marine SSgt. Taylor Hoover

US Marine Cpl. Deagan Page

US Army SSgt. Ryan Knauss

US Marine Cpl. Humberto Sanchez

US Marine Sgt Nicole Gee

US Marine Ricky Thompson

All were killed in a suicide bomber attack at the Kabul airport as they tried to make sense of the chaos created by the weakness and cowardice in the current White House.

The current occupiers of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. would have you believe that the real threat to America was the mostly-peaceful million-plus person march on January 6. Despite the evidence that the doors were opened, and protestors were led into the Capitol, despite the lack of accountability for the murder of an unarmed veteran in the Capitol, despite the lies about the death of Police Officer Brian Sicknick, the media still shills for Biden and his accomplices.

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The media provides cover for criminal behavior and has done nothing but apologize for the incompetence and abuse that led to thousands of excess deaths in lockdown states like New Jersey and New York. Now with these fallen warriors, the story is the same. Joe gets no blame and gets away with pointing a finger at the previous administration. It's outrageous. It's disgusting. It's immoral.

Choose your term or historical comparison, but this is what tyranny looks like. And the dismissive attitude toward our current service members is a part of it.

Will you stand up? Will you fight? I hope so. In the meantime, tell your kids about real heroes. You have 13 names to reference.

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