If you’ve been waiting for legal weed to make its appearance in New Jersey, you’re going to have to help your pal Phil Murphy out, particularly if you live in one of the districts where it can really make a difference.

Remember, he was elected on the “I’m gonna finally legalize it” platform and failed to fulfill this most basic campaign promise. That could change with this election, however.

It has been reported that the failed marijuana legalization bill was only short a few votes earlier this year, so a couple of more democratic winners could close the gap. There are some key races that could turn Murphy’s luck around and according to an article in the North Jersey Record, the following are the races that could be the linchpin for the legalization of marijuana in the state.

Democrats could pick up anywhere from two to six Assembly seats in districts 21, 24 & 25 (Morris, Union and Somerset) counties as well as district 1 (Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland counties) that party shift could significantly change the landscape and help Murphy in his bid to finally achieve his goal, and with such a tight vote last time, every single vote counts. Of course it’s always important to vote but with such a hotly contested issue, it’s even more important to get out there and make your voice heard especially if this issue is important to you.