How about some good news to start the week? Those of us in New Jersey are pretty clean people.

In terms of hygiene, that is, according to new research.

Other states in our area... well, not so much. We'll make fun of them in a moment.

Overall shocking statistics

Editors at recently did a deep dive into the personal hygiene habits of some 3,000 people from across the country. They asked people to be honest about things like how often they brush their teeth to how long they use the same bath towel.

The next time you're standing next to someone at Walmart or your local supermarket, remember these findings:

  • The average American brushes their teeth 12 times/week and flosses about five
  • Most people shower 6 times/week and wash their hair 4 times/week
  • On average, 79% of people wash their hands after, um, "going number one" while 93% of people visit the sink after "going number two" (makes you wonder exactly who that 7% is)

And here's a fun one: 1-in-5 Americans never use deodorant. Delightful!

The woman checks her body odor.

Inside your house

Within the average house, chances are, you wash your sheets once a week.

But when it comes to the towel you use after a shower, that's a different story.

The average American uses the same towel for 30 days before washing it.

The average American uses a bath towel for 30 days before washing it
Bathroom towel - Photo: TSM Illustration

30 days!

What about New Jersey?

Here in the Garden State, the good news is we're all on the up-and-up when it comes to personal hygiene.

In fact, New Jersey ranked in the top 10 overall.

Georgia, Louisiana, and Florida ranked 1, 2, and 3; Jersey was #9, and Pennsylvania was right behind us.

Who's really bad?

Delaware, what the hell are you doing? Or not doing, I suppose.

Confused Delaware - Photo: TSM Illustration
Confused Delaware - Photo: TSM Illustration

The First State was one of the worst states for personal hygiene. Maybe we found where that 7% of people who don't wash their hands after "going number two" live.

Find out more

If you want a clean picture, no pun intended, of how we all stack up when it comes to personal hygiene, check out the full report from

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