Things have gotten so bad that members of the United States House of Representatives will be receiving up to $10,000 each to upgrade and increase their home security systems.

There is a significant increase in political violence and threats of violence toward members of Congress.

It’s also no coincidence that the increase in security has come right after Congressman Lee Zeldin was attacked by a man, who was wearing a double-blade weapon on his fingers.

Incredibly, Zeldin’s attacker was released from prison within five hours of the attack. That’s beyond dangerous. Federal charges have since been filed since the assassin's attack was against a federal employee.

A few weeks before the Zeldin attack, a man was arrested outside of the home of Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. He was Yelling ratio of sanities and threatening to kill the congresswoman.

And, last month, a man Travel from California to Maryland, with a plot to murder United States Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh and possibly his family.

Travel from California to Maryland, with a plot to murder the United States Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh and possibly his family.

A short while later, we learned that this particular potential assassin hatched a scheme to murder 3 Supreme Court associate justices, with a goal of changing the make-up of the court for decades to come.

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis, released a poll last month, Which yielded that one in five United States adults believe that political violence is justified in some circumstances.

3% of respondents believe that political violence is almost always or always justified.

To demonstrate how the violence is escalating, the United States Capitol police confirmed 9,625 threats and concerns of potential actions against members of Congress last year. This number may triple this year.

Further, the survey yielded that one and six election officials have received threats, directly connected with their public position.

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We caught up with United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-NJ-2,  who said about the dramatic increase in violence:

Van Drew has stated on-air with us that violence cannot be accepted and that we’re currently in the most dangerous atmosphere since the Civil War.

Van Drew has even faced threats of violence towards him and his wife by a so-called reporter.

In an exclusive interview today with Van Drew, he did not hold back, saying:

“For far too long calls for political violence have gone unchallenged, whether by those in the media or soft on crime prosecutors, which is why last year I drew a line in the sand and called out one of our local newspapers for publishing op-eds from one of their reporters, even after this person left a death threat on my home phone, in which they implied I should be executed for treason and then vividly described destroying my home and raping my wife over the hood of her car," said Van Drew.

"It was only after the paper received a thorough public shaming on national television that left advertisers outraged, criminal charges being filed against the reporter, and the ongoing threat of legal action, that they finally removed the op-eds from their website and issued a timid apology.”

“While some of those reading this may be outraged to learn that their hard-earned tax dollars continue to subsidize this paper in the form of legal fees, we were successful in sending a message that this type of behavior had no place in America.”

“This is far from the first or only death threat I've received. Unfortunately, we receive them far too often. It needs to stop...this is not the America we know and love,” said Van Drew.

SOURCES: University of California, Davis survey and United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew.

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