Thank goodness Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mayor Jim Kenney is term-limited and will leave office at the end of this year.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the voters of Philadelphia will select a new Mayor.

Don’t let anyone tell you that tomorrow is only the primary election in Philadelphia. Without question, whoever wins the Democratic primary will be the next mayor of Philadelphia.

With no disrespect intended to Republican candidate David Oh, but, he has no chance to become the next Mayor of Philadelphia.

There are nine Democratic candidates. Here are the contenders in the order that they will appear on the ballot:

  • Cherelle Parker
  • Jimmy DeLeon
  • Rebecca Rhynhart
  • Delscia Brown
  • Amen Brown
  • Jeff Brown
  • Warren Bloom
  • Allan Domb
  • Helen Gym

There are seven registered Democrats for every one republican in Philadelphia.

This is the cold, hard math and it’s exactly why tomorrow will decide who the next mayor of Philadelphia will be.

Three Democrats dropped out in late Natch and two in April, or, the Democrat field would be even larger.

The winner will become the 100th Mayor in Philadelphia history.

Conventional wisdom says that these are the top 5 Democrat challengers:

Jeff Brown, who is a ShopRite franchise owner.

Allan Domb, a former Philadelphia city councilman.

Helen Gym, a former Philadelphia city Council woman.

Cherelle Parker, a former Philadelphia city Council woman.

Rebecca Rhynhart, a former Philadelphia city controller.

The campaign has been dominated by talk of the massive violence that occurs in Philadelphia on a regular basis.

Just a few days ago, a political campaign worker was killed by gunfire while passing out campaign collateral materials.

Decision day is just hours away.

Can Philadelphia go “back to the future” and reclaim its slogan as The City of Brotherly Love once again?

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