Going to the Eagles parade in Philadelphia Thursday? Among the things you might want to plan for is where you'll be using the bathroom.

You've seen the news. You've planned ahead. You thought of a really good excuse to get out of going to work. You know how you're getting into the city, where you'll be standing for the parade, and you know how you'll be getting home. You have everything covered!

What about where you will be using a restroom at?

The City of Philadelphia is anticipating a crowd of at least two million people Thursday to cheer-on the Eagles and they'll have about 850 portable toilets set-up (they're apparently working pretty hard to get more).

That's about one potty for every 2,300 people.

If you were to use that ratio of 2,000,000 to 850, that would mean the 69,000 people at an average Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field would all be sharing about 30 toilets.

I guess we should be thankful it's February and not the middle of summer.

Oh -- and let's not forget Bud Light's promise to hand out free beer tomorrow.

In comparison, when the Pope was in Philadelphia in 2015, several hundred thousand people were lined-up on Ben Franklin Parkway and those folks had over 3,500 port-a-potties to choose from.

Plan accordingly...


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