Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and his wife, La’Quetta appear to have made a serious miscalculation regarding their decision to displace Fish Heads Seafood Restaurant from its Gardner’s Basin location.

Fish Heads, owned by Gregory “Dredgie” Wood has been in business in Atlantic City for the past 25 years. He has operated for the past 6 years in Gardner’s Basin.

Fish Heads is the last African-American-owned business in Gardner’s Basin.

The Atlantic City community is not taking Mayor Small’s decision well. Many believe that it is political retaliation.

A diverse contingent of community leaders are coming together for a protest event tomorrow, Friday, April 29, 2022, as follows:

Steve Young photo.
Atlantic City Independence Committee photo.

Here are some of those who will be attending and participating at tomorrow’s protest event:

  • Multiple members of Atlantic City Council.
  • Atlantic City Independence Committee.
  • John Devlin, Member, Atlantic City Board of Education.
  • Steve Young, President National Action Network South Jersey Chapter.
  • Johnny Exadaktilos, Owner, Atlantic City’s Duck Town Tavern & Liquors.

We have confirmed that the City of Atlantic City sent Dredgie Wood an email, advising him that he must remove his Fish Heads food truck/trailer by tomorrow.

This means that tomorrow’s protest event will directly coincide with Wood’s “eviction” date.

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The operating philosophy of the new Atlantic City Independence Committee is to “create sustainable influence and improvement in Atlantic City and the surrounding areas. There is a shared passion among the members of the Atlantic City Independence Committee team to make a difference!”

This will be the first-ever public appearance of the Atlantic City Independence Committee. They have been meeting and organizing privately until now.

This is also the first-ever look at their organization’s logo.

Atlantic City Independence photo.
Atlantic City Independence photo.

This event is expected to get the attention of New Jersey Phil Murphy, to who I am copying this article to now.

Protest To Support Atlantic City’s ‘Fish Heads’ Set For 4/29/22.

Atlantic City's Firsts Throughout History


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