Vince Polistina ran for the office of New Jersey Senator in order to “get things done.”

Polistina was successful and won the coveted Atlantic County, New Jersey Senate seat and has consistently delivered measurable results since taking office.

The first calculus that has to be fully grasped is that New Jersey is presently in the control of a Democratic Governor, Phil Murphy, along with Democrat majorities in both the New Jersey Senate and New Jersey General Assembly.

For a Republican to achieve victories, it requires an ability to navigate this political reality, without abandoning your core principles as a practitioner with a conservative philosophy of governance.

To his credit, Polistina has successful thread the needle. He has forged a positive and effective working relationship with Governor Murphy and the results have been noteworthy.

First, Polistina was able to successfully negotiate with Governor Murphy and deliver Will Reynolds as the Atlantic County Prosecutor.

This was a major victory in terms of localness prevailing over what was slated to be an appointment from outside of the region.

Reynolds has done a spectacular job as Atlantic County Prosecutor. Without Polistina forging an effective partnership with Governor Murphy, this result would have been impossible.

Polistina has also achieved 5 New Jersey Superior Court Judgeships, including high quality nominees of both political parties.

This was achieved by Polistina working with Governor Murphy in a bi-partisan manner.

We can now confirm that Polistina has achieved two more important judicial victories, with Robert Herman and Rebecca Lafferty, both of Mays Landing, New Jersey being nominated to the position Administrative Law Judge.

David Wildstein and the New Jersey Globe were the first to report about the Herman and Lafferty nominations.

This latest progress regarding the two Atlantic County-based Administrative Law Judges was also made possible by supreme collegiality demonstrated by Polistina and Atlantic County Democratic Party Chairman Michael Suleiman.

Great results are possible when you’re willing to work together for the best interest of the citizens.

Should President Joe Biden falter, or, decide not to run for re-election, Governor Murphy is poised and prepared to take a hard look at running for President of the United States.

Some consider Murphy to be a partisan office-holder. That’s not true. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to work with Republicans in order to get things done.

Polistina has demonstrated that he is in the business of achieving results and not playing politics.

It’s refreshing and rare in the current deeply divided United States of America.

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