Atlantic County Commissioner John Risley is employing a very politically smart campaign strategy.
Risley is praising the presumptive Republican nominee Vince Polistina for the New Jersey State Senate in District 2 while at the same time fighting hard for one of the two New Jersey General Assembly slots.
 If last night in Egg Harbor Township is indicative of where Risley’s campaign is headed, he’s in trouble. Risley finished 4th out of 4 candidates in his own home town.
Egg Harbor Township (for decades) has always supported fellow residents during the Atlantic County Committee voting process.
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To no surprise, Polistina carried the Senate vote. Former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian won one of the Assembly slots. However, sources have confirmed that  Risley did not earn the second slot.There appears to have been a tabular error last night in Egg Harbor Township. When it is resolved, it appears as though Claire Swift will win the second assembly vote.
 The United Republican Club of Egg Harbor Township did not publicly reveal the results of last nights vote.
Here is a detailed communication that we have just received from Risley.
We’re providing it here in its entirety.
 Egg Harbor Township, NJ - Assembly Candidate John Risley issued a statement today following news in the race for Senate and Assembly in New Jersey's Second District.
 "First I want to congratulate Vince Polistina for stepping up to fill Senator Chris Brown's shoes. I've worked with Vince for many years and count him as a friend.  As for my plans I am committed, and since I have announced have been committed, to running for the Assembly in the 2nd district.  
I'm running because out of all the candidates who have entered the race I have the best chance to win in November.  I've run in this race before, and know what it takes to build the organization necessary to be successful.  The Democrats without their vote-by-mail operation in Atlantic City are at a disadvantage this year, and with a strong Republican ticket led by our Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli we are poised to hold the Senate seat and take back the two Assembly seats.
 I've had a successful career in public service in which I have built a level of trust with voters in Atlantic County.  Voters know the Risley name, and they know it's a name they can depend on.  With all due respect to my competitors none of them have ever been elected to any position countywide. Some of them have never had their name on a ballot in their life.  I've been elected and re-elected in difficult years for Republicans because people across the district trust me.  
While I don't plan on making any endorsements or deals before the Atlantic County Republican convention I do encourage the Republican party elders and influencers to remain neutral in this process. As always, I will be unbossed and unbought. When I'm elected you know I'll be there for you !" said Risley.

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