A man from Vineland was arrested after he apparently had a case of the munchies.

Well, more specifically, shoplifting from a convenience store.

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The Vineland Police Department says 38-year-old Ryan Hope was arrested late Tuesday evening after he shoplifted, "two Tasty Cakes, a bag of Doritos & Herrs cheese flavored popcorn" from Wawa on South Delsea Drive. The total retail value of his heist was $11.35. Police say Hope was apprehended a short distance from the store and arrested without incident. He was processed on a complaint summons and released pending his court date.

Meanwhile, the next day in Vineland, a woman was arrested for allegedly stealing over $9,100 worth of cigarettes. Police say on Wednesday afternoon, L. J. Zucca, Inc., reported a theft of merchandise on several dates during the month. An officer identified Shamanda L. Scott as a suspect; she was issued a summons and released pending a court date.

SOURCE: Vineland Police Department press release, 07/02/21

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