A post on the Margate, NJ Community Group Elite Facebook Page by “Cara Marie” reveals a sign placed on the beach, near the water’s edge.

It reads:

Danger Hidden Objects.

I have reached out to Margate City Mayor Michael Collins for a comment.

Mayor Collins said:

”Signs like this are common and notify swimmers that there are hazards in the water if they go out to swim. At low tide some of these hazards are visible but become hidden at high tide,” said Collins.

“The same signs have been present since I was on MCBP 27 years ago,” said Collins.

From time-to-time, I’ve seen signs when pilings become visible at the surface level of the beach, typically near the water’s edge.

The current sign does not indicate what the dangerous hidden objects are.

We will be updating this report after speaking with Mayor Collins and after we find out exactly where this sign is located.

Here is a look at the sign:

Margate, NJ Community Group Elite - via Facebook (Cara Marie photo).
Margate, NJ Community Group Elite - via Facebook (Cara Marie photo).

At first glance, this sign is s bit odd and leaves one who sees it with more questions than the sign provides answers.

About this sign, Cara Marie wrote:

“They just put up this terrible eye sore!!!! What hidden objects are suddenly here!!! I want this sign gone …”

Cheryl wrote:

“Wait till the windmills are constructed!!!! Talk about an eyesore!!”

The Margate Business Association posted a comment that it’s “underwater rocks.”

Greg wrote that it’s “Blackbeard’s Treasure.” I like this attempt at fun, good humor in order to lighten the mood.

Louisa wrote:

“Probably a whale or dolphin buried there.”

Ray wrote:

“Watch out for the ParkMobile.”

There are dozens of more comments on the Margate, NJ Community Group Elite Facebook Page if you would like to read them.

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