If you're going to smoke marijuana, you probably shouldn't do it in public where cops can see you. Three people in Atlantic City found that out the hard way Sunday evening.

Atlantic City Police Department
Townsquare Media / Chris Coleman

Around 6:00 Sunday evening, according to a press release, two Atlantic City police officers were on the beach block of California Avenue when they observed three people, Chelsea Blair of Galloway, Christopher Barnett of Atlantic City, and Daja Dillihay of Atlantic City on the sidewalk next to a vehicle.

As the cops approached the group, one of the officers allegedly saw Blair put a plastic bag in her pants pocket. That was later found to be cocaine that was packaged for sale. Blair was placed into custody as well as Barnett for the marijuana cigarette. When Barnett was searched, cops found a 9-inch knife, six grams of cocaine, and numerous small bags that are used to package cocaine.

Dillihay was found to have an active warrant and was arrested. The group had been standing next to a parked vehicle that was owned by Dillihay. Cops searched the vehicle and they found a loaded handgun under the driver’s seat.

All three people are now facing various charges.


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