We have lost one of our community’s most generous philanthropists, Lloyd Wimberg, who has passed away at age 74.

I rarely say this, but, the loss of Lloyd Wimberg is truly incalculable. He financially supported countless area charities for decades. Lloyd did so quietly and with great frequency.

Before we discuss Lloyd Wimberg’s exceptional career as a businessman, let me talk for a moment about Lloyd, who was a real fan and participant of local, two-way talk radio.

Lloyd Wimberg even had his own “handle,” the thinly disguised on-air character that he created long ago, called “The Happy Camper.”

Lloyd Wimberg possessed great optimism and always exuded exceptional positivity.

Whenever we would be on-air talking about a financial need in our community, Lloyd was always the first to call-in and make a typically sizable contribution to the worthy cause.

We reached out to the legendary former New Jersey Senator Bill Gormley for a comment about Lloyd Wimberg.

Senator Gormley said:

Lloyd loved his hometown of Egg Harbor City, served his county government in a time of historic transition, and was one of the leading philanthropists in the history of Atlantic County, said Gormley.

Gormley is not exaggerating this fact.

Lloyd is from The Legendary Wimberg Funeral Home family. Note, sometimes people get confused between Lloyd Wimberg and George Wimberg.

Lloyd owned his own business in Egg Harbor City and Galloway Township and his relative George owns his own business in Ventnor and Linwood.

The Wimberg Funeral Home has been in the same family for four generations and it’s been in Egg Harbor City since 1881.

A German immigrant, Henry Wimberg saw the need for a second and larger mortuary in town, and opened one on Liverpool Avenue in Egg Harbor City.

Heinrich (Henry) Wimberg manufactured cigar boxes, cabinets, coffins and became a builder and contractor.

Henry was The Chief of the Egg Harbor City Volunteer Fire Department and he hung a sign “H. Wimberg - Undertaker” on the roof of his front porch in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey in 1881.

Henry, Jr. took over the business when his father died, and his son, Lawrence G. Wimberg, also managed the business.

Lloyd A. Wimberg took the business over when his mother, Margaret Wimberg, died in 1991.

In the 1930s, The Wimberg family purchased an 1890s-vintage home that remains the funeral home's current location.

Over the years it’s been updated to include a chapel and in modern times, it was renovated to make it properly accessible to the handicapped.

Lloyd Wimberg was famous for living in an apartment right on the premises.

Lloyd Wimberg opened his second location (2001) in Galloway Township.

The Wimberg Funeral Home has remained in business for 130 years.

The Lloyd Wimberg Funeral Home serves Egg Harbor City, Mullica, Green Bank, Lower Bank, Galloway Township, Absecon, as well as all surrounding areas.

Lloyd served with dignity and he honored the long family tradition of funeral services that his Great Great-Grandfather began during the nineteenth century.

We reached out to former long-time Galloway Township Mayor Don Ourdy who was good friends with Lloyd Wimberg.

Lloyd was larger than life. For all the people that he’s helped in life there were at least 10x that no one ever knew about it. He loved people and he loved his community … and, he loved his country. For someone that gave so much to pass away in his sleep on Christmas —- God bless Lloyd Wimberg. RIP The Happy Camper 🇺🇸 - Mayor Don Purdy.

Lloyd Wimberg served with dignity and he honored the long family tradition of funeral services that his Great Great-Grandfather began during the nineteenth century.

Lloyd Wimberg did so with compassion and dignity.

Lloyd will be greatly missed and he’s impossible to replace.

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