Our earlier coverage today in advance of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small’s press conference was on point and it has now come true.

The state of New Jersey has approved a scaled back version of bonuses for most Atlantic City public employees.

Make no mistake about it, after this big financial move, Small is very popular with Atlantic City employees at this time.

According to Small, "Eighty-five percent of city employees will receive the maximum," Small said. "And the time frame has been extended so it includes more employees."

The state has confirmed that these special bonus payments will go out this Monday, September 27, 2021.

Trenton New Jersey was the first municipality to use COVID-19 relief funds in this manner. Trenton even went bigger than Small.

The state has approved $ 3.2 million of Small’s $ 6.4 million dollar request.

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The state has not approved a payment of $ 500 for each Homeowner. If approved, this will cost an additional $ 3.2 million.

The ultimate fate of the homeowner’s component remains unknown at this time. It looks like the state will modify this proposal at best. It could just wither on the vine.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy approved $ 33 million in American Rescue Plan funds for Atlantic City.

The state of New Jersey has had complete oversight of Atlantic City finances since 2016, under the Municipal Stabilization and Recovery Act; which has been renewed for another four years.

Atlantic County government employees are also seeking similar compensation.

Northfield City Council is also reviewing the issue.

It will be interesting to see if Small is on the midst of creating the equivalent of a financial contagion, whereby other municipalities will attempt to do the same thing.

It only stands to reason. Marty Small copied this from Trenton City. Trenton is offering up to $ 7,000 per-employee.

Others will no doubt parrot Small next. It’s already beginning to happen.

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