Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson’s victory celebration only lasted for a few hours.

Now, we can officially confirm to you why I cautioned Levinson against “spiking the football” and his over-the-top hubris in declaring victory against his own employees this past Wednesday.

We detailed back on November 27, 2020 that more complaints would be filed against Levinson and the County of Atlantic with the state of New Jersey; based upon the employees views that there are serious health and safety issues at the 1333 Atlantic County office building.

Yesterday, I provided you with testimony from Atlantic County employees, including internal documents and photos, showing no plexiglass dividers in place to protect employees, who have very close daily contact with the public.

That report is available right here at

I have now received a copy of a letter from the state of New Jersey to Levinson, dated December 10, 2020. It’s a new complaint.

We have learned and confirmed that a formal complaint has been filed with the state of New Jersey, The Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSH) program. The complaint alleges health hazards at the Atlantic County office building.

The alleged hazards outlined in the letter includes: “Poor indoor air quality and sanitation on the third floor; dirty air vents which are uncleaned and dusty workplaces are found daily on the floor.”

Here is the complete letter sent to Levinson yesterday afternoon by email as follows below:


The state has given Levinson 15 days to investigate and respond.

Yesterday afternoon, Atlantic County employees contacted me to review the latest developments.

They advised that as soon as the state letter was received by Levinson, the County began to clean vents and walls, etc.

Here are photos that I have obtained from yesterday afternoon (with cleaning efforts taking place) at approximately 4:00 p.m.

I have blurred and cropped out the identity of the persons cleaning to protect them.

Atlantic County office building being cleaned after state of New Jersey complaint received.
Atlantic County office building being cleaned after state of New Jersey complaint received.

Atlantic County employees expressed their concerns to me about the hurried cleaning attempt as follows:

“Do you see this mess? right at 4 o'clock”?

“Mind you, employees were still in the building during this chaos cleaning. So what are the chemicals being used that employees can breathe. Are they safe? Who knows?”

“My question is: That cleaning the outside of the vents does not help the air quality if you don't actually clean the air ducts themselves.”

Certainly sounds like fair questions.

Levinson and the County of Atlantic will now have to finally address deficiencies that they have let slide all during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their rush to clean vents and walls right at 4:00 p.m. yesterday (immediately after receiving the PEOSH) complaint from the state of New Jersey) certainly appears to support the allegations made by County employees.

After all, if everything is in compliance as Levinson continues to maintain, couldn’t you just leave things exactly as they are and expect that they would pass any state inspection - scrutiny?

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