Stockton University is one crucial step away from having a little more than $ 4.5 million reinstated for its Phase 2 Atlantic City campus.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has included the Stockton funding in his recent budget.

It still must survive a vote by New Jersey Legislature.

New Jersey Senator Michael Testa, R-1 will appear tomorrow, Friday, August 28, 2020 at 8:35 a.m. on WPG Talk Radio 95.5 FM on the “Hurley in the Morning” program.

We will address this and more with Senator Testa.

Make no mistake about it, this much needed funding is not yet a done deal.

This is a developing story. We’ll keep you posted right here at and on our WPG Talk Radio smartphone app, which you can download by clicking on the link directly below.

Source: New Jersey Governor’s Budget.

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